Monday, April 20, 2009


So Haudricourt proclaims; Reports of Jeff Suppan's baseball death apparently were greatly exaggerated.

Clearly Tom is easily impressed. Forget everything Ahren points out in the comments below (luck played a large factor in Soup's performance) and look at Suppan's numbers going back to September. Six of his last eight starts have been absolutely atrocious. One of his "good" starts he went 5 innings and allowed 9 base runners. Yesterday he went 6 and allowed nine. This isn't good pitching. This is the same shitty Suppan who catches a few breaks.

Jeff Suppan, effective major league pitcher, died in 2006. The corpse the Brewers are trotting out there now is a below replacement level stiff collecting a pay check.


Anonymous said...

Same could be said of coffey, unless you believe he really did "induce" that line drive to hall

E.S.K. said...

Sure, but he has pitched well since joining the club. In other words, his history is the opposite of Suppan.