Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brett Favre: Petty B*tch?

Clearly the flirtations began long ago

"Nothing has changed," Favre said in a statement after the Jets officially released him. "At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football."

Everyone in the NFL is a-flutter over the "at this time" part of that little statement. Greg Bedard is convinced that Favre will be a Viking:
He's obviously coming back. Hope Packers fans will like seeing Favre in purple
And Chicago Trib's Haugh wrote a nice little article about how the Favre-led Vikings would be the only thing standing in the way of the Chicago Cutlers juggernaut
The Bears easily have enjoyed the best off-season among NFC North teams thanks to the Cutler trade and signing of left tackle Orlando Pace. The Vikings, meanwhile, signed Sage Rosenfels to compete with Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback. As dangerous as the choice of first-round game-breaker Percy Harvin made the Vikings' offense, quarterback remains a question mark in Minneapolis.

Yes, they have Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian and now Harvin around an offensive line still solid despite losing center Matt Birk to free agency. But the mental asterisk attached to any optimism surrounding the Vikings remains necessary given the lack of consistency of Rosenfels and/or Jackson.
It's a shame the Packers no longer even merit a mention. I'd contend that Dom Capers is a much more important addition to an NFC North team than an old Orlando Pace.

Wo why is the Favre coming back? Was his time in NY just spinning his wheels until he could come back and bend Ted Thompson over? Haugh seems to think so:
Why else would Favre's agent request his release from the Jets, who don't care what Favre does after they drafted Mark Sanchez with the fifth overall pick? Why else use the phrase "have no intention,'' of returning to football instead of "won't.''

Favre wanted to play for the Vikings last year when he came out of retirement, and his main motivation was to stick it to the Packers for telling him he would have to beat out Aaron Rodgers if he returned.

The Packers were so worried about that possibility of Favre making the Vikings into Super Bowl contenders and creating a PR nightmare in Green Bay that they inserted a clause into the Jets trade. It would have cost the Jets three first-round draft picks to trade Favre to any NFC North team.
I agree with him. Favre wants some payback, and joining a team that only needs a QB that gets to play the Packers twice a year seems like the perfect way to get it. Nevermind the massive "fuck you" to the Green Bay fans who have supported him ceaselessly throughout his career.

It's all about Brett v. Ted, and Favre sees a chance to piss in Ted's cheerios. Too bad Packers fans are the ones who have to eat the cereal.


DannyNoonan said...

I bet he comes back. I bet he plays for the vikings. I bet he is awful. I bet I'll be eating steak and eggs while the Packers crush the Vikings.

Anonymous said...

Every article about this uses the phrase "wearing purple" to mean "playing for the Minnesota Vikings." Every time, just for a second, I think the writer is implying that Favre is gay. But I guess playing for the Vikings is pretty gay.

Eric said...

Seems like a lot of angst about a retired New York quarterback.