Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hair of the Dog-4/6/09

Baseball season has just begun (Braves beat the Phillies 4-1) and the Brewers will have their first game on Tuesday in San Francisco, so hopefully we'll start getting these "Hair of the Dog" posts up on a more regular basis from here on out. By the way, did I mention that I'll also be heading to San Francisco this week and taking in a few of those games? And then flying back for the home opener on Friday? This is going to be an awesome week....

The Brewers have finalized their roster. No surprises really:

Pitchers: Dave Bush, Todd Coffey, Mark DiFelice, Yovani Gallardo, Jorge Julio, Braden Looper, Seth McClung, Manny Parra, David Riske, Mitch Stetter, Jeff Suppan, Carlos Villanueva

Catchers: Jason Kendall, Mike Rivera

Infielders: Craig Counsell, Prince Fielder, Bill HallSS, J.J. Hardy, Casey McGehee, Rickie Weeks

Outfielders: Ryan Braun, Mike Cameron, Chris Duffy, Corey Hart, Brad Nelson

Congrats to Brad Nelson for making his first 25 man roster and for capping an awesome spring with a 3-run homer to beat the Dodgers in the 9th inning on Saturday. I got a good feeling about this chubby kid.

Apparently, Dale Sveum added Jason Kendall to his list of guys whose swing he allegedly fixed. If Hall, Counsel and Kendall are all "good hitters" this season, Dale Sveum should get a medal.

In far less Relevant Milwaukee sports news, the Bucks are pulling the plug on Andrew Bogut for the season, and pretty much pulling the plug on the season itself too. The Bucks have 32 wins with 4 more games to play. Pretty bad, but I do think this season was a lot better than the record shows. In a "rebuilding" year, they lost their two best players for most of the season and still managed to play tough ball and toy with making the playoffs for a while. Sessions and Charlie V showed their potential and Skiles showed that he's the kind of coach the team needed. I look forward to next season. But I was at the game last night and the only highlight that made Sportscenter was Energee! dancer and friend of Brewed Sports Amanda T dunking:

Okay, back to baseball. Junkball Blues contributor Radio Silence gives us some hope in his Cubs season preview. The gist of it is that they're good, but getting old. Their window is closing, not opening.

Speaking of the Cubs, Carlos Zambrano and I have something in common. We both think Wrigley Field is a dump. It's a charming dump though.

Are you going to opening day? Miller Park Drunk tells us what not to wear in his Guide to Opening Day series. And don't miss this very important epilogue.

That's all I got for today. Drink up fellas because baseball is almost here.

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