Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Is Anything More Depressing Than The Brewer Bullpen?

I can't even really criticize the decision-making from last night. Yo had to come out, and Coffee is one of your best relievers (in theory). Yet all of Yo's hard work, once again, was gone in the blink of an eye. Here are the WHIPs of everyone in the pen not named Carlos:

Hawkins - 1.714
Suppan - 1.820
Stetter - 1.5
Vargas - 1.979
Hoffman - 1.769
Coffey - 1.412
Parra - 1.426

Now check out the Cardinals:

Franklin - 1.043
McClellan - 1.163
Boggs - 1.304
Motte - 1.463
Reyes - 0.882
Miller - 0.682
Hawksworth - 1.630

And Hawksworth, WHIP dog though he is, has only a 2.35 ERA somehow. Basically, the best non-Carlos Villanueva member of the Brewer bullpen would be confined to mop-up duty for the Cardinals most of the time. (Well, not really since La Russa makes 100 pitching changes per game witch requires everyone to pitch, but you get the idea.)


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Francisco Cordero performing decently elsewhere is pretty depressing.