Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Belling Rumor: Macha to be fired?

I was listening to Mark Belling yesterday while working out and was sort of stunned to hear him claim there are rumors flying around the city about Macha's imminent demise.

According to Belling "everyone assumes" (no idea who everyone is) Macha will be fired by the end of the West coast swing. He lambasted the Journal for not covering the story (along with ripping the paper for covering the Gadzuric/Bell benchings).

Now, I don't get a lot of news down here in my secluded rural hermitage, and to be honest if news did make its way to my property I would probably shoot it for trespassing, but I have not heard even a whisper of the ax.


DannyNoonan said...

I haven't heard a thing about it either. I have two guys that are sort of "insiders" too, and neither of them has said anything. I'll ask though.

To be fair, Mark Belling is very very stupid.

E.S.K. said...

Stupid he may be, but he certainly has his ear to the ground in many cases. When you only have one paper, and that paper pretty much just prints game write-ups, you sometimes have to go to informed people with idiotic opinions.

PaulNoonan said...

True enough. I haven't heard a peep about a possible firing. I guess I wouldn't be that surprised, but actually, I kind of would.

OC Lurker. said...

One thing about Belling, like him or not, is he takes his scoops pretty seriously - especially when he has a chance at getting at a story before the J-S. He usually doesn't report stuff like this unless he is at least reasonably sure of its authenticity.

I would actually be rather surprised if Macha got fired. It would seem desperate to me. Peterson is supposed to be responsible for the pitching. Wasn't Macha pretty much told to he had to put Sveum on his coaching staff?

I am still convinced the hitting will come around but the pitching... The construction of the pitching staff over the last two years is on Melvin. The Suppan and Hall contract boat anchors and little minor league talent has prevented much improvement.

The bigger question is how long will Mark A stick with Melvin? Will he give Melvin until 2011 when he will fnially have more payroll dollars to work with?

PaulNoonan said...

You are right that Belling takes his scoops seriously so there might be something to this, but usually there are at least some rumblings.

And I agree with your assessment lurker, though I don't really care for Macha either. It's almost as if our pitching philosophy is to keep the ball up in the zone as much as possible.

tracker said...

I don't know whether Belling has anything or not, but he needs a better attribution than "everyone" if he expects to be credible. And I'd certainly think, say, a 4-2 rest-of-the-trip would would quiet whatever lynch mob there is.

That said, Narveson vs. Kershaw, doesn't look like a momentum changer.

Anonymous said...

I will remind everybody about past rumors that Yost would be gone after the 2007 Red Sox series.

The Brewers don't do anything without first telling Journal Communications. After all they hold the radio contract, the "paper-of-record" for press balloting, and a major stadium advertising contract.

Anonymous said...

2008 Red Sox series, even. The years are blending together again.

E.S.K. said...

Last night was the first game I can remember this season of Macha committing a fire-able offense.