Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wisconsin Defeats Evil

Wins Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

What is it about Duke players that makes them so consistently unlikeable? I mean, isn’t Kyle Singler just annoying to look at? Doesn’t he make you want to knee him in the groin? Duke always has a guy like that.

Beating Duke is really fun. Trevon Hughes played an excellent game. He was effective when penetrating and drained his jumpers. Jonathan Leuer has come a long way from being the tall guy who could drain threes once in a while. He’s now a legitimate low-post threat, and his versatility makes him genuinely difficult to match up with. It’s kind of amazing that they won despite a complete chuck-fest from Bohannon, but the big guys got enough easy dunks to make up for it, and Hughes was just on fire. (Nankivil, by the way, is an excellent passer out of the post. He had 5 assists in the game, and I think all 5 led to easy baskets. He played great.)

The Big Ten looked to be in good shape to take the Challenge after Illinois’s spectacular comeback at Clemson, but disappointing losses by Minnesota and Michigan (to Miami and Boston College) made the Badger upset a must if the conference was to finally win the tournament. Kudos to the Big Ten for finally picking up a victory.


Lenny Bruce said...

The Amazing thing is if you watched SportsCenter this morning you would think Duke won. 80-85% of the highlights were about Duke.

PaulNoonan said...

What's "SportsCenter"?

TD said...

I thought Jordan Taylor had some big moments last night. Played great defense on Singler at the end of the first half when no one else had been able to stop him. In the second half had a couple of really important drives that led to easy baskets.