Monday, December 14, 2009

Mike Rivera should throttle Doug Melvin

Doug Melvin ruined any shot Mike Rivera had at a MLB career. It turns out, he also did it for a completely bullshit made up reason.

The last two years all we have been told my Melvin is that Kendall needs to get the starts because familiarity with the pitching staff is more important than being a competent baseball player. This offseason shows he doesn't buy that for one second. The Brewers will have significant turnover in their staff, however it's also looking like at least three starters will be back and depending on how the starters cycle through the season we could see more. Yet Melvin decided it was prudent to go into 2010 without a single catcher returning catcher. Experience and making the pitcher "comfortable" apparently are no longer in vogue.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think Zaun is an upgrade over Rivera and I would like to see one of the kids (whichever has a better Winter/Spring) win the starting spot. However, I am not a fan of utter bullshit, especially when used to cover up a massive contractual blunder that you are far too proud to admit was a mistake.

Speaking of mistakes...the Brewers can afford $2.1 million dollars for Craig Counsell but couldn't shell out $1 million for Branyan last year? Really? Man, with that two million plus what Melvin gave Hawkins I imagine the Brewers could have actually signed a major league baseball player. I know Counsell was effective last year. Chances he sniffs that productivity this year? I'll be stunned if he puts up 75% of what he did last year.

(I do like Randy Wolf though, kind of)


PaulNoonan said...

Yes, the reasons for starting Kendall were always ridiculous. If I had been Mike Rivera I think I would have become a malcontent just to get traded if nothing else.

Eric said...

Because other teams need malcontents?

E.S.K. said...

Better off getting moved and trying to start fresh than watching your career die a slow painful death because of some inexplicable hatred by your GM.