Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pro Bowl Snub?

I don't particularly care about the Pro Bowl. I won't watch it and 30% of the guys who made it probably won't go, but how does Orakpo beat out Matthews?

The only edge Orakpo has is that he has 1/2 more sack than Clay. Matthews leads in tackles, assists, fumble recoveries, passes defended AND he has a touchdown.

I don't get it. The only logical explanation is that Pro Bowl voters are racist.


PaulNoonan said...

People are bad at voting. Simple as that.

B-town Rob said...

Paul is right... but it is still irritating.

The Pack just doesn't get the national spooge love that teams like the Vikes get.

Eric said...

Racist? Really? Racist?

How about Mathews coomes from the smallest market and thus has a smaller pool of biased voters

E.S.K. said...

Holy shit, you thought that racist comment was anything but a joke? Really? Really?

Eric said...


Because nobody laughs at racism.

Smart people know this.

E.S.K. said...

reminds me of that rapist clown joke.

And clearly the DROY voters are not racist, just dumb. Cushing over everyone in a landslide? Byrd second?!!!?

At least Matthews beat Orakpo there.