Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congrats To The Phoenix

I am not surprised that UW-GB managed to beat Wisconsin. Even in their down years they're always a plucky little team, and they're off to a 9-2 start this year so far.

What I am surprised about is that they managed to put up 88 points! Duke only scored 69 against Wisconsin, and while this game did go into overtime, the Phoenix's regulation score was still impressive in its own right.

I know Dick Bennett has been gone for a long time now, but this is still surprising. The strategy employed by most mid major schools to compete with big schools is to limit possessions and keep scoring down. Beating a team like Wisconsin by outgunning them is very impressive.


Lenny Bruce said...

Any given night right, long term this win is good for NCAA basketball in the State of Wisconsin. It proves that smaller schools can jump up and bite every now and again.

I would love to see a Tourney with the 4 Div 1 schools from the state they all play each other so why not make it a weekend deal for bragging right for the State.

tracker said...

Marquette usually squashed the idea because they would've had to give away a bigger piece of their Christmas tournament pie. Cords, and then Crean, felt Marquette had nothing to gain from it, lost revenue they'd have to share and risked elevating UWM and UWGB as viable destinations for in-state recruits. That said, Bo's not skeered, and MU's Christmas tournament no longer exists, so the time could be right.

Anonymous said...

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