Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stop Running!

The Packers could really cut down on their protection problems if they would just cut down on the number of Ryan Grant 1 yard runs.


Eric said...



PaulNoonan said...

Meaning, their problems in pass protection are exacerbated by constantly being in second-and-long and thirds-and-long situations. I think they'd be better off passing on 80% of downs rather than force-feeding Grant the ball over and over for no benefit. They should also be scouring the waiver wire for replacements.

Eric said...

I didn't see or hear the last game. Is Grant running on first down a lot? Seems to me they should be throwing on first down running on second.

Which is just as predictable as run, run, pass, punt. But if you execute pass plays better than run plays then seems to me the pass should be first choice. Second and five gives the defense a little pause as to what's coming next.