Thursday, September 10, 2009

Football Picks

Since the NFL season starts tonight (Woohoo!), here are my predictions for the season. I don't think I have any really controversial picks here. I've heard a lot of buzz about the 49ers that I don't really understand. I think Jacksonville has a bounce-back season, and I suppose that's controversial, but the AFC South is the division that I'm the least confident about. I suppose I'm probably underrating the Titans, but every team in that division is pretty good and someone has to finish last. Feel free to post/comment your predictions.

AFC West

1. San Diego
2. Denver
3. Kansas City
4. Oakland

AFC South

1. Jaguars
2. Colts
3. Texans
4. Titans

AFC North

1. Ravens
2. Steelers
3. Bengals
4. Browns

AFC East

1. Patriots
2. Jets
3. Dolphins
4. Bills

NFC West

1. Seahawks
2. Cardinals
3. Rams
4. 49ers

NFC South

1. Saints
2. Falcons
3. Panthers
4. Bucs

NFC East

1. Giants
2. Cowboys
3. Eagles
4. Redskins

NFC North

1. Bears (11-5)
2. Packers (9-7)
3. Vikings (9-7)
4. Lions (6-10)

AFC Wild Card

Colts, Steelers

NFC Wild Card

Packers, Cowboys

Super Bowl

Patriots over Bears


Lenny Bruce said...

Bears in Super Bowl really? Little early in the am to be drinking isn't it?

Jodi said...


NFL season starts tonight? I know what's on our agenda for the evening.

PaulNoonan said...

First of all, if you think that having the Bears in the Super Bowl is ludicrous, I might remind you that the Bears were in the Super Bowl 3 years ago behind Rex Grossman.

Second, the Bears defense can still be very good. I grant that it is old and injury prone, but it still has dominant playmakers at many positions. Their secondary has been decimated by injuries this year, but if they get 2-3 guys back, I expect them to be a top-flight defensive unit.

Third, the Bears have gone 11-5, 13-3, 7-9, and 9-7 over the last 4 years, all with terrible QBs. The Bears have been consistently good, and now they add a very good quarterback to a team that went 9-7 last year.

I could see a scenario where age catches up with the defense and they fall apart, but I suspect they have one more run in them.

And, of course, this is what I think will happen, not what I hope will happen.

ahren said...

i don't think having the bears in the superbowl is ludicrous, but i ain't buying it either.

jay cutler just isn't that good. he's better than who they had, but he still throws a lot of picks, and it isn't like he's throwing to brandon marshall and eddie royal anymore.

i also question their d a lot. love forte though.

Eric said...

Interesting. I see the Vikings being the wild card after losing the last game of the season and thus going 10-6.

Have the Packers really improved by three games? I think two based on defensive scheme. Personnel wise i don't see how they got better. Indeed if Anybody gets injured i don't see very capable second stringers to fill in. The Packers seem strong but very brittle. 8-8.

I think the Bears lose in the NFC championship, either to the Giants or the Saints. Saints look good and the Giants Are good.

ahren said...

the packers were the best 6 win team in nfl history last year (419 PF, 380 PA). they have a really weak schedule and should be improved on defense.

my only worry is the coach, who seems like a good preparation coach, but really, really terrible with game management.

they were really a 9-7 caliber team last year. give them the 2 wins you credit their new d scheme with + 1 for easy shedule - 1 for shitty, shitty coach.


Eric said...

The Packers were dreadful in the red zone last year. I'm thinking offensive play calling was the reason because Rodgers numbers were too damn impressive.

Given the same coaching and hopefully a still impressive Rodgers a should be 9-7 team is still only 6-10. +2 for defense yields 8-8.

Even Favre could only go 8-8 with Ray Rhodes.