Friday, June 26, 2009

JJ Hardy Facts of the Day

Something to read while your waiting for your Moonwalker ROM to download.

JJ’s Line Drive rate, by year

2005 – 20.2%
2006 – 19.0%
2007 – 17.2%
2008 – 15.5%
2009 – 15.2%

JJ’s HRs/Fly ball percentage

2006 – 13.7%
2007 – 12%
2008 – 14%
2009 – 7.3%

Bonus Jason Kendall Fact Of The Day

In BP’s PECOTA projections, the Twins’ Joe Mauer’s 3rd closest comp is the 2000 version of Jason Kendall, who hit .320/.412/.470 with 14 Hrs and 6 triples.
Our current incarnation of Jason Kendall’s closest comp is the 2004 version of Major League Baseball’s worst position player, Brad Ausmus, who hit .248/.306/.325 with 5 HRs.

The Twins should be more careful with that guy.


tracker said...

Another fact: JJ's babip is .236, which suggests some unluckiness, but not enough to give him a pass for his performance. I think it all adds up to the fatigue-type injury syndrome that has plagued him at some point most seasons. He needs a few days off, imo, maybe an andro milkshake or two.

E.S.K. said...

"maybe an andro milkshake or two"

At this point I wish he would juice. Worst case scenario he gets busted and the Brewers are forced to go another direction for the rest of the year.

Eric said...

Has JJ achieved Bill Hall status?