Friday, June 12, 2009

Good News

The White Sox will visit Miller Park this weekend for an interleague matchup. You know how the Brewers have had major trouble scoring for the past week or so? Well, if you take that week and extend it out for three and a half months of baseball, you have the Chicago White Sox season so far. How bad has it been for them? Consider the following:

1. The White Sox have been shut out 9 times so far this year. In other words, the White Sox have failed to score a single run in roughly 1/6th of their games.

2. Even though their ballpark, US Cellular Field, consistently ranks as one of the top 10 hitters parks in baseball, the White Sox have managed only 250 runs so far this year, 3rd worst in the American League behind only Kansas City and Seattle.

3. The White Sox have played more games than either Kansas City or Seattle.

4. Here are the names of some White Sox regulars: Brian Anderson, Chris Getz, Josh Fields, Scott Podsednik.

5. This weekend, the White Sox will play in a National League Park, which means they will probably have to sit their best offensive player, Jim Thome (.258/.402/.521). Carlos Quentin, their All-Star left fielder from a year ago is out with a fairly serious foot injury.

6. Their starting pitching isn't great either. Aside from Mark Buehrle, no White Sox starting pitcher has a WHIP under 1.390

7. While their bullpen is absolutely outstanding, it usually doesn't matter as they rarely score enough runs early enough to have a lead.

If you're going to break out of a slump, you couldn't ask for much more. Even if the bats don't wake up, this is a team you should still be able to handle.


E.S.K. said...

none of this makes me feel any better.

Eric said...

White Sox up 2-0.

Tom Hardricourt wrote in this morning's paper that the Brewer bats failed in yesterday's game, especially with runners in scoring position.

I counted 11 hits, two more hits than the Rockies had. I don;t think i'd blame the bats so much as CV's impersonation of gas can.

Perhaps he's making a case for clutch hits.

Eric said...

Speaking of gas cans, the WS bullpen is having a rash of contiguous bad luck.

Never mind. When Kendall gets a hit the pitching goes from bad luck to bad.