Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday 6/17/08 Sports--Brewers vs. Dodgers

Ryan Braun returns to the lineup today as the Brewers look to win game three of their series against the Dodgers. The Brewers look to stay hot after their 10th inning victory last night. Today's lineup:

2B Rickie Weeks
SS JJ Hardy
LF Ryan Braun
1B Prince Fielder
RF Corey Hart
3B Bill Hall
CF Mike Cameron
C Jason Kendall
P Jeff Suppan

The Pitching matchup is the veteran Suppan (8-7, 4.56 ERA, 52BB/68SO) versus rookie left-hander Clayton Kershaw (2-3, 3.78 ERA, 35BB/ 58SO). The Cardinals have already fallen to the Reds while the Cubs are crushing the Marlins (with an inning left to play as I write this). Go Brewers!

Last night was an action-packed evening for Wisconsin sports fans. Besides the 10th inning JJ Hardy heroics, we were also treated to two relevant preseason football games. First, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were dismantled by the San Francisco 49ers. Any goodwill Rodgers earned in his previous preseason game may have taken a hit. Playing for the entire 1st half, he had 9 completions in 16 attempts for 58 yards and a passer rating of 64.1. Ouch. Also, it wasn't just the numbers. Rodgers looked rough. He was indecisive, made mistakes, got sacked a bunch of times, and was basically outshined by J.T. O'Whatshisname. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Brett Favre made his N.Y. Jets debut. He was 5 for 6 with 48 yards and a TD in his 14 snaps. The ol' man bust be quick study. Or maybe he only learned enough for 14 snaps. Either way, a nice game for Favre.

In the biggest non-Wisconsin sports news of the night, US Swimming MONSTER Michael Phelps made history by winning his 8th gold medal of the games. Many are saying that this makes Phelps the greatest olympian of all time. I think that sounds about right.

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