Monday, August 18, 2008

News and Notes

1. Rickie Weeks is out at least 3 days with a bum thumb. Wait, that sounds dirty. Eh, let's go with it anyway.

2. Today on the Cub Broadcast after the announcement of an upcoming Spongebob Squarepants promotion (no, really):

I wish I had a sponge in my pants right now.

- Bob Brenley

3. I was listening to the Brewer Post Game Show today on WTMJ today, and I do not envy having to deal with those callers. I would immediately swear at people and lose the station its license.

4. Ryan Braun is awesome.

5. People who argue that Ned Yost is not a bad manager because the Brewers have a good record both overstate the importance of managers and incorrectly diagnose Ned Yost's effect on a team. If you meet these people, back away slowly, get to a safe distance, and run.

6. If you see Rex Grossman playing catch in the park, cover your head. You are in danger.

7. If you see Kyle Orton playing catch in the park, cover your head. You are in danger.

8. The Journal-Sentinel Writers have the following problems:

a. They rely too much on batting average. However, this is your fault for only understanding batting average.

b. They like bunting too much.

c. They take all team news at face value.

d. They do not check defensive metrics, which causes them to think stupid thoughts, like the idea that Craig Counsell plays a better third than Russell Branyan. Not true.

9. Even though you hate the Cubs, you know they're really really good.

10. Joe Torre, as it turns out, is a terrible manager. When you manage the Yankees it's tough to fuck up, and you'll look good no matter what you do. Joe tends to play Juan Pierre at the expense of today's hero, Andre Ethier. Juan Pierre is awful. Too bad he got the day off.

11. Welcome, old fans and new. Take a peak around.

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DannyNoonan said...

Another problem the JS writers have is that they're condescending jerks. I liked this comment from Tom H's blog:

"You'd expect better research from me before I write that Weeks has been performing better? OK, big shot, here's my research:

"April: .333 OBP

"May: .320 OBP

"June: .309 OBP

"July: .344 OBP

"August: .375 OBP

"Pre all-star break: .320 OBP

"Post all-star break: .385 OBP

"Is that good enough for you, big shot? I guess I'm an idiot for thinking a .385 OBP is doing better than .320.

"You better do your own research before you call me out on stuff. And it's hilarious that you seem to be calling me out as some backer of Weeks. That would be the president of the Rickie Weeks Fan Club, Mr. Akittell.

"So, get your facts right next time, and then maybe you can question my research or whatever it was you were questioning. As President Akittell will most happily tell you, Weeks' OBP is WAY HIGHER since the break than before the break."

Now, I didn't do ANY research, but given that his OBP in July and August were 320 and 375, I'm having a hard time figuring out how the average of the two is higher than either (385 since the All-Star break?).