Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood Is Filled With Defensive Linemen

From FO's Every Play Doesn't Count column:

If Aaron Rodgers doesn’t let go of the need to make things happen under siege, he won’t last half the season. In his sole performance of note last year against the Cowboys, Rodgers had good instincts about pressure around him, and he knew when to get rid of the ball. But his four-sack day against the 49ers, exacerbated as it was by the efforts of guard Jason Spitz, has to have the Packers worried. This is not a great pass-blocking line, and Rodgers will have to learn to adjust sooner than later.

I'm still a Rodgers optimist, but a few commenters to the linked post pointed out that his sack rate has historically been high. If he does not address this problem with this offensive line, he will be both ineffective and injured in short order.

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