Monday, November 15, 2010

Running Up the Score: An IU Perspective

"Who can we blame but ourselves?"

That was the reaction to the final score from my wife, an IU alum and die hard. It was clear Indiana was not ready for this game. The coaching staff was not ready, the offense was not ready, and the defense was most certainly not ready for what they faced on Saturday.

I like the Indiana program. Not real reason why, I just really liked what Hoepner was doing with them before he passed. It's a shame to see his work and dedication pissed away so quickly by incompetence and indifference.

I was listening to the second half (it was clear watching was no longer required) and Indiana's color guy did get pretty pissed off when White was running the ball in the 4th (I agree, that was not smart from a risk perspective) but other than that little niggle the rest of Hoosier country is more embarrassed than angry, and if they are angry it certainly isn't at the Badgers. My favorite comment (from the Indiana radio play-by-play):

"I wonder what Bielema's card calls for with up 57?"

At least the folks down here maintain their sense of humor.


Chris said...

fun bit of trivia The two largest wins by Wisconsin were against your wife's school and your school just almost a hundred years apart ;)

E.S.K. said...

Wait, what was the one 100 years ago? Against Marquette?

Chris said...

Yes 1915 they put 80 plus on MU :)

E.S.K. said...

Good lord, and without the pass...

I've got roughly no love left for Marquette. I tried to get into BU hockey when I was out there but hockey is such an insular sport that it's impossible to like two teams. I'm UW through and through, no matter where I paid too much money to get a piece of paper from!