Monday, June 28, 2010

FIFA - Next Time We'll Cover Up The Truth

This is the exact wrong thing to do:

FIFA will censor World Cup match action being shown on giant screens inside the stadium after replays of Argentina's disputed first goal against Mexico fueled arguments on the pitch.

Angry Mexico players protested to referee Roberto Rosetti after the screens in Johannesburg's Soccer City showed Argentina forward Carlos Tevez was offside before he scored the opening goal in a 3-1 victory on Sunday.

FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot said Monday that replaying the incident was "a clear mistake."

Yes, the mistake was definitely that people noticed your terrible officiating and not the terrible officiating itself.


Chris said...

It is hard to complain about MLB Umps after seeing the blind corrupt mice who make up the Refs for the FIFA WC. It seems like there is one of these "mistakes" every game.

Eric said...

Making offsides a rule is the greater mistake.