Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are all international sporting events Stern'd?

It's common knowledge that the NBA is loosely scripted (think Curb Your Enthusiams) and that Stern pulls the strings. Is there a Stern-like figure for ALL international competitions?

Watch some Olyimpcs. Figure skating: corrupt. Boxing: corrupt. Gymnastics: corrupt.

Cycling is perhaps the most absurdly corrupt sport in the world. Christ, there is a massive scandal in the video game "sports" world over in Korea and top ranked players were busted fixing matches! I don't know if rugby is corrupt but I do remember a story about Aussie Rules players getting in piles off the field more than on it. Even the gentleman's sport of cricket has its recent fixing scandals.

And now, in front of all the world (except me, of course but this is what I've heard) some goofy bastard from poor country x decides to exert some power and rob the glorious United States of a victory with some nonsense officiating.

This is absolutely and totally outrageous. It's clear to me that American's (aside from NBA/WWE fans) are the last bastion of hope in pure sports. When our officials make a mistake it's an honest (and idiotic) one that they and the league apologize for. Has FIFA said boo yet, over a full day later?

Personally I have had enough and am, henceforth, boycotting soccer.

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