Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brief Non-Sports Post

I hear that this syncs up with this.

But it might just be an urban legend.


ahren said...

i swear that "any colour you like" would fit right into the dragon warrior soundtrack...

...underrated pink floyd song by the way-- top 5 for me.

PaulNoonan said...

Heh. I can see that. Lot's of Dragon Warrior stair-climbing noises in there.

I haven't listened to much Floyd lately, and I'm bad with their song names since they tend to flow together. Off the top of my head, these are my top 5:

1. Learning to fly
2. See Emily Play
3. Time
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Take It Back

This would probably be different if I thought about it longer. I also have a good amount of "bowling alley nostalgia" for newer stuff, and an irrational dislike of The Wall.

ahren said...

the official pink floyd top 5:

1) echoes
2) any colour you like
3) shine on you crazy diamond (all parts)
4) sheep
5) time

for the most part, i like the full band compositions that are more "jammy"...

i don't really like the syd barrett "era". i think it's revisionist history when people pretend that era of pink floyd is any good. i think people just like the idea of a "genius" who went crazy on acid. if he was such a genius, he should've handled his acid better.

agreed that "the wall" is pretty overrated-- they were off the "being a band" concept at that point, which is a shame. nick mason and richard wright are really the standout musicians in the band, and cutting them out of the songwriting process was a mistake, in my opinion.

PaulNoonan said...

I like poppier stuff, which is probably why I like See Emily Play. I don't think I ever heard it until I got a greatest hits album. I think it's pretty conventional power-pop, but pretty solid conventional power pop.

I would also add that I think The Division Bell is highly underrated, and that "On The Turning Away" is terrible.

PaulNoonan said...

And "Have a Cigar" is great too. Really all of Wish You Were Here is pretty stellar.

ahren said...

i always thought that "on the turning away" sucked too, but then this musician friend of mine picked it up in his repertoire and i really like his version.

there really is a good song hidden in there somewhere.

a slight aside-- never see australian pink floyd. they stink.

ahren said...

And "Have a Cigar" is great too. Really all of Wish You Were Here is pretty stellar."

agreed. fantastic album start to finish. absolute masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

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