Friday, November 6, 2009

I hate, hate, hate this trade.

First of all, it is now obvious to everyone that the time to trade JJ Hardy was LAST off season. But Carlos Gomez? Really? That's the best you could do? I have a few Twins fans as friends and not a single one of them likes Carlos Gomez. Their scouting report would be something like, "A dumb player. Bad baserunner. Does not make good use of his speed. Tried to pull the ball too much when he hits, and bunts in inappropriate situation. The kind of prospect who sticks around on tools, but never develops in part because of those tools."

Let's meet our new crappy outfielder:

His career line in the majors is .246/.292/.346. That's awful. And it's not a small sample size, as he's played almost 2.5 full seasons.

In 2008 BP had this to say:

Pressed into duty when Moises Alou went down (didn't see that coming!), Gomez was more exciting than good. While Gomez is a high-ceiling prospect with a ton of talent and amazing speed, it was apparent that he wasn't ready for the big leagues. Worse, a strained hamstring and broken hand cost him the majority of the season at an age and stage that was crucial to his development. Between Alou's injuries and his own, Gomez lost a year of progress that should have been made in the minors.

We trade our former All-Star short stop and get this? I almost liked Carlos Gomez better when he was named Tony Gwynn, Jr.

Anyone have anything positive to say?


E.S.K. said...

Quite literally, there is nothing to like about this trade.

PaulNoonan said...

Chatting with Ahren, he made a few positive points. I'll just sum up in case he wants to extrapolate further himself. The gist is, they save about 15 mill with Cameron and Hardy gone, get a high upside CF, and have money to pursue pitching.

That said, if Gomez/Escobar hit 1-2 in the lineup, both of our heads will explode.

tracker said...

How is Cameron gone? Gomez is about 4th on the organizational CF depth chart. I see him backing up Corey Patterson in Nashville.

OC Lurker said...

Logical analysis aside, I hate watching players like Juan Pierre, TGJ, or Jason Kendall and listening to the announcers crap themselves over how "exciting", "scrapy" etc that player is.

Speaking of Kendall, Gomez's OPS is actually worse. Same problem as Gary Pettis: you can't steal first base.


OC Lurker said...

To follow up, I think I'd rather have taken a chance on Gerut in CF. He has previous MLB success, Gomez does not. I'd really like to know what teams were offering in terms of pitching that made Carlos Gomez look good.

E.S.K. said...

Gomez has already been slotted into the CF spot and hitting leadoff, according to McCalvy. I'm guessing that puts Weeks in the two hole.

OC Lurker said...

Sub 300 OBP in the leadoff spot? Is Dougie taking lessons from Dayton Moore?

Jon said...

Carlos was a Met prospect and i can vouch that he is really really really fast. Everything else was all projection, could he develop enough plate discipline and contact rate to develop into a serviceable enough hitter while being awesome at defense and baserunning. Dont think he did with Minny but he's still pretty young (i think)