Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting BillHall'd

It's like getting keelhauled, except a bit worse.

I think "BillHall'd" should be descriptive of signing someone who was valuable when they cost nothing and had a career year, but who you know is actually shitty and who you should trade to a sucker.

For instance:

The Packers really got BillHall'd with that Ryan Grant deal.

Or the soon to be:

I think the Brewers are about to get BillHall'd on Casey McGehee.


tracker said...

I'm not sure Casey McGehee is a BillHalling to be largely because the Brewers have no need to invest in him for a while.

I got a co-worker who, while yet to use BillHall as a verb, has compared his marriage to the Hall signing. Says he used to get hummers at halftime of Packer games before they got married five years ago. Now, a Hummer is just a thing she wants in the driveway, presumably to haul around her 40-pound-heavier ass.

B-town Rob said...

That made me laugh outloud...