Sunday, November 1, 2009

Favre: Full of drugs...and shit

PFT has the story:
Before the 2009 season began, we developed a distinct impression that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was trying to develop advance excuses for playing like, you know, someone who is 40.

Despite an obsession by most teams to keep injury information secret, Favre was openly talking about a partially torn rotator cuff, cracked ribs, and sore ankles.

So with arguably the most stressful game of his career only hours away, Favre tells ESPN's Ed Werder that the veteran quarterback "hasn't been feeling well and has been on antibiotics two of the last three weeks."

Favre also said he has felt "bad" as recently as Friday.

But the Vikings haven't disclosed on the injury report that Favre has any type of illness. Given that the Jets were nailed for hiding Favre's partially torn biceps tendon in 2008, we tend to think that if Favre were feeling sick, the Vikings would have disclosed it.

So, basically, Favre is saying, "If I stink today, it's only because I have swine flu, polio, and/or lupus."

Jump in a fire, Brent.


Eric said...

Favre is listed on the injury report as probable with a hip injury.

So yes, he's not listed as with an illness. But he is listed.

And now an open letter to the fans at Lambeau.

Dear fans. All of America will be watching you. Please don't do anything stupid. I don't want to hear Chicago Bears radio talk about classless Packer fans. Thank you.

Eric said...

Rodgers looks nervous

Eric said...

I am very glad Aaron Rodgers is the Packers quarterback. Because Favre would have died under the Viking onslaught. TT you got your wish and your quarterback. Now how about an offensive line...