Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Solve the 2B Gap

Weeks is out, which is a shame because he was finally starting to look good at the plate and in the field (second best second basemen according to UZR at the time of his injury).  But we must soldier on.  I think of all the regulars, he will probably be missed the least (aside from Kendall, who I refuse to acknowledge).  That isn't meant to be a knock on him.  Strangely, I think he is also the least easy to readily replace.  If an outfielder got hurt, we'd stick some shitty outfielder in there.  If Fielder got hurt, well, anyone can play first.  Hardy, Escobar.  Hall, the team gets better...etc.

What do we do at second though?  JSOnline had a poll and the readers want Escobar or a platoon (Counsell/McGehee).

I don't want Escobar up there.  He isn't hitting at AAA and he would be a rookie playing a new position for  a division leader.  I don't like it, not now at least.  My "solution" would be to platoon Counsell and McGehee for a few weeks.  If it works, awesome.  If not it gives Escobar time to get at least somewhat comfortable on the right side of the infield and the Stache can call him up in June.

Anyone have better ideas, I hope you do because I am not exactly thrilled with mine.

Speaking of platoons, I'm ready to give Gamel the start against right handed pitchers.


Anonymous said...

Iribarren is playing solid in Nashville. 308/354/450

PaulNoonan said...

I'd stick Gamel at 3rd and Counsell at 2nd, soft-platoon Hall at both positions, live with Gamel's defense, use Hall late as a defensive replacement for Gamel, and maybe see what Mark Grudzielanek is up to.

E.S.K. said...

Actually, an Escobar/Counsell platoon looks pretty good:


Escobar=Bill Hall against righties.

OC Lurker said...

I wouldn't have Escobar be the primary 2B at this point. Has he played this position at all in the minors? I don't think we should have a rookie learn a new position at the major league level.

I think it should be Gamel and Counsell at 3B and 2B. McGehee spells Counsell at times because he is old and will eventually revert to his career norms. Hall plays against LHP. Hernan gets called up.

It will be interesting to watch if Escobar starts getting playing time at 2B in Nashville.

E.S.K. said...

OC, Melvin said yesterday that Escobar would get time at second in Nashville.

ahren said...

call ray durham

PaulNoonan said...

They probably will call Ray.

OC Lurker said...

Good to hear on Escobar. If we were to sign someone I think I'd rather have Grudz than Durham. We're already going to take a hit on defense and that is going to hurt guys like Suppan and Looper.

It is in situations like this where I have to appreciate the job Melvin has done. I just read some articles regarding the Mets situation with Delgado out. At least we have options that don't include Fernando Tatis.

E.S.K. said...

Escobar played second last night.