Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brewers Sign Catalanatto

The Brewers signed Frank Catalanatto to a minor league deal today. Lefty bat, career .358 OBP, .449 slugging and a 109 OPS+. He is 34 and has played everywhere. He's to the point now though that he is mainly a corner outfielder. I imagine he will be the first bat off the bench for the Crew at this point.

More importantly, this gives the Brewers some bench depth, and ends the illustrious major league career of Brad Nelson...eventually.

He does have significant splits, however, and should only be used against right handed pitching. Unless something catastrophic happens, he'll be purely a pinch hitter, but he should be an excellent upgrade from Nelson.


ahren said...

yep... nice signing. would anyone complain if he saw 1 start/week at 3b against a righty? (well... anyone other than bill hall, i mean)

Asok said...

Plus he does a mean Madden impression

E.S.K. said...

He hasn't played third in years, so I am not sure that's all that viable an option.

tracker said...

I'm underwhelmed. I'd rather have at least one lh home-run threat on the bench. Cat Man hit 2 in 278 PAs last year.