Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I Remember About Jack Morris

People who want Jack Morris in the Hall of Fame (which I'm fine with as long as you include Bert) tend to throw around the notion that "you had to be there."

I was around and sentient for most of Jack Morris's career. I remember Uecker talking about Morris as a great pitcher. I also remember the Brewers beating Morris most of the time. (This was before I knew pitcher wins were a stupid stat.)

Today I checked the stats against my memory.

Jack Morris v. The Milwaukee Brewers:

18-21 (Ha!)
4.11 ERA (Meh)
1.270 WHIP (Meh)

I wonder how much of my acquired anti-Morris sentiment is just based on the fact that against my team he wasn't very good.

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NBA Expert Picks said...

That's good. The Player Hater's Ball is back. I just wish it wasn't because of Wake Forest basketball.