Monday, January 3, 2011

Congrats To The Pack

I'm very glad that I get to care about pro football for one more week.

That was a stellar defensive effort against a team that didn't lay down at all. I don't know why Lovie Smith let Jay Cutler take that pounding back there, but the Packers deserve a lot of credit for taking the Bears' best punch and responding in kind.


B-town Rob said...

I was just hoping and praying to all the football gods that Cutler or Urlacher would get hurt.

I admire Lovie Smith because he obviously cares about beating the Packers like every normal shmoe, but that was idiotic from a pure football sense.

For however boring McCarthy is, he would have had the practice squad playing that game.

tracker said...

Was it idiotic? Had he laid down, it would've been three weeks between real football games for his team.