Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Couldn't Catch A Cold, So Throw To Me More!!

I officially dislike Nick Toon:

"It was frustrating," Toon said. "I feel like I could have contributed a little bit more but that's just the way the plays were called today. That's how it is some days. It is what it is . . .

"I just think the main issue was I just didn't get enough opportunities to make plays."

Strange comments coming from a guy who single-handedly killed two drives by dropping simple passes. I feel like you could have contributed a lot more as well, Nick...by not playing like absolute garbage.

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TD said...

Not disputing that Toon had a crap day ... all the recievers did. But one of his drops was moot anyway. There was a holding call on the play, and would have wiped out the catch even if he made it.