Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bob Brenly Sucks

Update: They're not (yet) hiring him, per Haudricourt:

'Melvin had this to say about Brenly rumor: "Unless somebody else has been doing the hiring process, that's not true."'

Bob Brenly may very well be your next Brewer manager. I just want to make it known that Bob Brenly sucks. He's never seen a bunt he didn't like. He likes the "little things that win games" that actually lose games. He's into being a touch guy and not coddling players. He's (debatably) advocated hitting Ryan Braun for the sin of looking at Ryan Dempster funny.

I think basically all baseball managers are bad. Brenly strikes me as extra bad.


E.S.K. said...

Holy shit. Melvin must be trying to run Braun and Fielder out of town.

Brenly HATES the Brewers. He hates their attitudes, hates Fielders constant bitching at umps and hates Braun because he isn't "a complete player." He despised their whole "untuck em" thing and has stated on broadcasts that the Brewers deserve to lead the league in HBP.

What a fucking crazy ass hiring this would be!

Ken Caudill said...

As a Cubs fan, I hope he does go to Milwaukee. I'm sick of listening to his accounts of toe injuries during his career as a catcher.

Could you send us Bob Uecker?