Friday, September 3, 2010

Packers Are Boned Predictions

Every single "expert" picks the Packers to be in the Super Bowl. Even Pat Kirwin, who picks the Vikings to win the division, still has the green and gold making it to the Super Bowl. Aaron Rodgers is not only the most oft chosen OPoY but also gets the most number of MVP nods.

I now predict an 8-8 season.

(Not really, I'll be back before Thursday to give real predictions, when I see the final cuts).


Anonymous said...

Recently in Poland to hear a lot of celebration commemorating the creation of Solidarity. There are many discussions on this subject and some of them are very controversial. I wonder whether in other countries, people know what it is and if they have solidarity on this issue a sentence?


Chris said...

If they do not start out 6-0 I will be disappointed

PaulNoonan said...

Been on vacation. Back now. Also predict 8-8.