Monday, September 6, 2010

Fire Brad Fischer

Do not let him onto the field for the 9th. Disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

ESK you are obviously someone who knows very little about what it takes to be a truly good baseball coach....showing up early every single day; working with multi-million dollar players to help them stay focused and continue to improve; throwing bp until your arm is ready to fall off; putting everything you have into making split-second calls and USUALLY being correct (although fans like to remember the few blown calls better); silently taking the collective blame for decisions made by the manager, owner, or gm that most people never hear about;working under constant pressure since most contracts are one year in length and it's easier to fire the coaching staff than it is the team. If you had a chance (and you never will) to sit down with Brad Fischer for an hour and talk real baseball you'd be embarrassed by your comment because he is a wealth of knowledge and a remarkable, patient teacher. Even someone as close to the scenes like Doug Melvin doesn't seem to realize that the Brewers have instead kept a few coaches who prefer to party and befriend the players than to give 110% percent to their jobs.

Joshqiam said...

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