Friday, October 9, 2009

Prediction: A Wisconsin Win

I'm not sure why I think Wisconsin will be able to defeat Ohio State in Ohio when they are more than two-touchdown underdogs. Maybe I'm putting too much stock in Jim Tressel's lousy coaching. (After all, it's not like Bret Bielema is the greatest x's and o's guy either). Maybe it's because they're starting QB can't pass and ours can. (Even though a running QB can be enough to win in college). Maybe I think our balanced offense can score on their excellent defense.

The thought that keeps popping up (and has no basis in reality at all, really) is that OSU will not be ready for a Wisconsin team that can pass. I don't think they'll buy it until they see it, and by then it will be too late.

I'll probably be wrong. OSU may just overwhelm Wisconsin with superior talent. Happens all the time in the Big Ten. I just don't see it this time for some reason.

Wisconsin 17, OSU 10.


Lenny Bruce said...

Not that far fetched they should have beat OSU last year with a team that was inferior to this years model.

The fact that Wisconsin can punish anyone who sells out to stop their running game with the pass is a major difference over past years.

Clay seems to be finding his stride could be a huge day for Bucky

Eric said...

Gentlemen; you've gone mad.

PaulNoonan said...

Yeah. Probably. It's really just a feeling, and those are usually wrong since they're not based on reason. Still. I can't seem to shake this one.

PaulNoonan said...

Oh well.

Eric said...

sorry man.

Lenny Bruce said...

Actually for most of the First Half I really thought Bucky had a chance. But they fell apart with less than 2 minutes to go before half time and never got it back.

You cannot give 14 points in turn overs and a kick off return for a TD to a team like OSU

Oh well