Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fix is In

This game is unwinnable. Tracker is right. NFL is the new NBA is the new WWE.


Lenny Bruce said...

Did they ever throw a flag on the Queens all night? When is the last time you say Woodson get two flags in one half

All that being said Packers gave this way turn overs deep in the Queens territory and then not being able to punch it in on 4 tries

Long season Favre will break the hearts of the Queens fans I remember the Jets fans loved him at this point in the season too.

E.S.K. said...

Wrote that after the bullshit pass interference call. Apparently the refs don't coordinate the conspiracy since they doubled down on that play, making the phantom grab flag all the more ludicrous.

After watching the Patriots games all year, and now this game and last weeks Vikings game, it doesn't seem so absurd to me anymore that the NFL is angling for a Viking - NE super bowl.

Eric said...

If that were true, how did a potential GB vs NE matchup in superbowl 2008 go awry?

Woodson had a BS call, true. But he diod not paly well that game.