Friday, August 14, 2009

Tanking Their Way Into My Heart

Holy hell, either Mark Attanassio has to always be deeply involved with player management or the Brewers need to play bad baseball more often. They DFA Hall, make the cutthroat but necessary decision to relieve Castro (you were in way over your head my man, wish you had stayed in the pen) and send Hardy packing. Now, it looks like Jason Kendall's days as the iron horse of underachievement may be coming to an end:
The fans who have been pining for Brewers backup catcher Mike Rivera to start more often will get their wish on Friday. Manager Ken Macha intends to start Rivera for a second straight game when Yovani Gallardo takes the mound against the Astros at Miller Park.

And why not? Rivera, who has been with the Brewers all season but only had 63 at-bats before Thursday, belted a pair of home runs and drove in four as Milwaukee beat up on, then held off the Padres to salvage a win in the series finale. Macha wouldn't commit past Friday, but the sense was that Rivera, who provides some pop to an offense that, outside of Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder and Mike Cameron has little, could see more playing time over the final six weeks.

"It's great," Rivera said. "I've been waiting for this for two years so I'm trying to do my best every time that I'm out there."
Nice to see his success in ludicrously difficult circumstances finally rewarded, albeit two years too late.

Call up Salome and let Hall and Kendall charter a private jet with all the money they stole from this organization.

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