Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bulls + Carlos Boozer + Max Deal = Hilarity

1. By all accounts (and this has already changed like 15 times, but let's just go with it) Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are going to sign with Miami.

2. Since Lebron James declared that he will announce his new team on Thursday at 9:00 in a 1 hour ESPN special, which, by the way, is asinine, he is telegraphing that he will re-sign with Cleveland. From Tyler Cowen:

The firm announcement date means that LeBron will re-sign with Cleveland, and spiked up to 65.0 (+24.9) for that event.

3. Joe Johsnon, who isn't very good anyway, is signed.

4. Amare Stoudamire is signed.

5. The Chicago Bulls look very likely to end up as the big losers in this thing. If you are anything like me, this is good news. I heard some pundit in town mention that maybe David Lee and Ray Allen wouldn't be so bad. Ha!


Anonymous said...

David Lee, Ray Allen and the Bulls current roster is far better than the Milwaukee Bucks. So...HA.

Jon said...

Don't agree that TV show automatically = Cavs. Knicks for the win one time dealer!!!!

PaulNoonan said...

I don't think it's a sure thing that he re-signs with Cleveland, I just think it's more likely than any other possibility. I think the Knicks are the least likely though.

Anonymous,you might be right. I'm not overly familiar with the new Bucks. I think our GM is pretty solid though, so I wouldn't assume anything just yet.

Jon said...

Knicks are almost definitely 2nd most likely (behind Cleveland). Intrade has them even w/ Miami in 2nd but i just can't fathom them all taking less money to play together in Miami.

Chris said...

why any big time FA would pick a NYC team is beyond me just because of the taxes in NY. I mean the just by signing with Miami he would save a ton of money over signing in NYC or Chicago for that matter.

Bucks might surprise you this year. I trust in Hammonds

E.S.K. said...

Well, for a guy like LeBron I agree, New York doesn't make a lot of sense as he doesn't really need any more exposure. He can probably get any endorsement deal he wants.

Someone like Wade though, who issn't the huge media presence, would benefit from playing in the massive market and improving his marketability.

Jon said...

Looks like no LeBron :( But if someone comes lead the Knicks to a championship , bc of market size and the long drought (40ish years w no title), the lifetime of endorsements would be incredible. On a smaller scale, Mark Messier is god for life in NY and will make tons of $ there forever. Winning an NBA title in Chicago or Miami wouldn't mean the same. It would in Cleveland but obviously least chance of actually winning there with the sorry team they've built around him.

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